Music Together® Generations



Formally known as intergenerational classes, Generations is a Music Together family class that takes place in a senior residence facility. Residents join in the music making fun, playing instruments, moving to the music and singing along. They so enjoy the interaction with the children and the parents, and the children learn to interact with them in a fun and loving way, through sharing the gift of music.

"There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a musical interaction between a young child and an elderly person. At Atria, these beautiful moments happen all the time. Our families interact with the residents at Atria through song and dance. In return, the residents sing our songs, clap hands, hold hands, and smile. The bridge of generations is represented fully at Atria's Music Together classes."  Christine Brimhall, Teacher

Click here to read an article on the Intergenerational class which ran in the Chesapeake Family Magazine in April, 2015.  Music Together Generations made the top of Hulafrog's Unique Classes Around Annapolis List on September 20, 2016.