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See what our parents and students have to say about our Music Together® classes.

I wanted to express my gratitude for such an amazing class. My children have grown to love the songs, and they sing them often. They have their favorites, and whenever they are in the car, they even squabble over who gets to hear their favorite first! It brings me such pleasure!


[transitioning from Babies class to Family class] Gracie (7 months) and I did have fun today. I think she enjoyed the mixed ages.  There was a lot to see and hear!  I take care of Gracie everyday and see her nearly every day of the week.  I was really surprised at the difference in her since the last fall class, which she loved.  There was a lot of growth over the last month!  She was much more vocal, "singing" along with the music.  In the last class, she would occasionally move to the beat of the music.  Today, she was really into it with her entire body and clearly didn't want a few of the songs to end!  The "retired teacher" in me is fascinated with the development! 

Susan (Grandmother)

This is the 6th session that I will have attended with my grand-daughter. I feel a strong need to introduce her to quality children's music and Music Together is the perfect venue.


I am a former teacher and am always looking for activities that will stimulate and promote verbal and cognitive development in my children. Your program has proven to do both- thank you!


I have really enjoyed the music class over the past year plus and Samantha LOVES all the songs and activities both at class and home. As you have seen, she is certainly moving all the time in class.  She does this at home too and is now big into "doing a dance show" that we all have to sit and watch.  Music is a big piece of my background and I hope Samantha continues to be musical throughout her life. You do a wonderful job with all of the kids and your love for sharing the gift of music with the whole family really shines through.  Keep up the great work!


I really appreciate the opportunity to immerse myself and my son in music.  I've loved watching him gain not only an appreciation, but also a love for music and his music class.  It's his favorite time of the week!


I don't have enough hours to spend at the computer to explain how your class impacts us daily. The CD distracts us from fussy moods, both in house and in the car; enables sing-alongs (at the top of our voice, you know Ginevra) while grandparents and aunts and uncles are in town to admire; and the songs sound even better bouncing off the walls while spending eons on the potty, trying and trying. Both Charles and Avery bang on their legs when the word music class is mentioned. Avery practically bursts with anticipation to say "you-oooh" and throw her arms up and down, while the Hello Song is ending. Charles' new words include "Oh my!" to which we must immediately reply "There's no more pie!" And the three of them roll about on the couch tickling each other while shouting "Gu-li Gu-li". Ginevra's all time favorite song definitely is A Ram Sam Sam.


The quality of the lessons and musical selections are excellent. I'm hoping the musical background knowledge they are building will encourage them to always include music in their lives.

Brenda (MT Grandmother)

This is honestly one of the best things Emelia and I could have dreamed to do together each week.  We both look forward to the time in class so that we can take what we've learned and the songs we've sung and incorporate them into everyday life.  Music Together definitely has helped foster Emelia's love of music!


It was when Alec (now 5) and Aaron (now 3) started attending Music Together (when Alec was 18 months old) that we realized just how much of an impact that music can have on our family. Music not only soothed our children as infants, but also provided our family many hours of outlandish entertainment.

Many times throughout the day, we hear the boys singing, making music, playing instruments, and asking us to sing and play music with them. They recognize many songs that they have only heard a few times, eagerly want to learn the words of other songs, and often make-up words to tunes that come to their mind. An example of the dramatic influence that music has had on our family was when Aaron felt that it was important enough for him to call his Dad at work recently so that he could help him sing the words to a song he wanted to sing.

Music Together also provided our family with more than an appreciation of music; it has provided us with the space to make music with other families and friends who have similar values, and created a special relationship with our Music Together teacher, who offered a positive, respectful first encounter with a teacher for our children.

Bob & Michelle

In an email to Brian's teacher: 
I just wish you could hear what I am hearing: Brian (age 2) is singing and dancing while Don, his dad, is playing the organ and singing. What a great sound! Today in the car he was also singing with the Bongos CD. Just a few moments ago he was playing the shakers I made from butter containers and beans. He just loves music!


Music Together has been such an asset to our family and our daily lives. We listen to the cds every single day, and songs from previous collections continue to be a gift. For example, my daughter has started a 1 day a week school program and the song, "Who Says They're Gonna Come Back" has given her great comfort and faith in knowing that she is safe and I'll be back to pick her up. We sing it on our way to school. I am so grateful for a program that is process oriented instead of performance oriented. It resonates with our family lifestyle.


I wanted to tell you how much Music Together has meant to our family. Often times, I put on past Music Together CDs to entertain Julia and Lucas during our daily routines. In particular, they love "Two little kitty cats" from the Bells collection. Julia participated in the Bells collection before Lucas was even born, but her love of the song was contagious. It is very cute watching them pretend to be cats on the floor, dressing up, meowing and such, and ask me to play the song over and over again. This isn't the only song they "act out" together - but it seems to be a consistent favorite and something I can always turn to when we need some good, wholesome family fun time. I'm excited to throw Morgan into the mix this upcoming session.

Thank you for having such a positive, lasting influence on my children.


Liam (age 2) has been learning so much, and doesn't cease to amaze me. He is singing the "Ladybug" song and "Drip Drop" unprompted, without the recording, and complete with movements. He just loves his music!


I can't describe the joy in our son's face when he's in class playing drums and other musical instruments. Both he and Haley love to sing/dance and make up lyrics by singing to a tune. Ray and I both think this music inclination is largely a result of their early exposure to Music Together, in fact we still play the MT CD's we have and they still enjoy listening to it. Thank you for that gift!